Too many prompts – Blogging Insights #28

This post from Saumya is a response to a Blogging Insights post from a couple of weeks ago. It is a good example of the fact that prompts need not have deadlines.

Randomness Inked

If you miss the deadline of a prompt, what do you do?

There are too many prompts floating on the web. There was a time when I used to keep up with 7-8 of them in a week. But as life got busier, my participation reduced.

I have some half-written pieces. But I haven’t deleted them. I know I can go back to them later and complete them. Nobody’s stopping me from posting them later. I may not mention which prompt it was written for, but I will post them.

I think prompts shouldn’t have a deadline. Organisers who make weekly round-up should include the new responses to old prompts in the latest round-ups. I don’t think there’s any harm in doing that.

Do you participate in prompt challenges? What do you do if you miss a deadline?
Are you an organiser? Do you like reading responses to old prompts?…

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