Blogging Insights# 31- Pandemic effecting the blog

Sadje shares her blogging experience during the pandemic :

Keep it alive

Tanya is the host of Blogging Insights

Posts about the pandemicfeature prominently on many (if not most) blogs these days. In today’s Blogging Insights we discuss how it has affected our blogs and blogging.



How frequently do you post about the pandemic? Please share links to a couple of your “pandemic posts” that you particularly like. If you have not written anything about Coronavirus/COVID-19 (seems unbelievable) what are your reasons for this?

I haven’t written anything directly about this pandemic. Though I have tried to make people see the lesser negative impact of this crisis.

My reasons are simple;

• With so much information available about this on the internet, I don’t see any need to add my blog post to the tally.

• The topic has lots of negative impact on people and on my blog, I try to create positivity, so I avoided writing about it.

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