What do you see # 32 – Memories

Welcome back to another prompt. Rules; You can write a post on your blog and create a pingback to link to the original post. Write an original story, poem or a caption. I will try to reblog your response on my blog. There is no limit to words or format but keep it family-friendly. I […]


Grandma had finally yielded to her daughter’s entreaties to sell her large house and move in with her.  She had come with her children, Tina and Joe to pack up her mother’s belongings and donate or sell all that was no longer needed.

Mother and children worked hard the whole weekend, sorting, folding and packing. Grandma kept volunteering to help but all they let her do was get them a steady supply of iced tea and lemonade while they worked. Finally, it was all done and only the attic was left.

Tina told her mother to put her feet up and enjoy a cup of tea with Grandma while she handled the attic with her brother’s help. The children sifted through all the memorabilia and keepsakes that their grandmother had accumulated over the years and took them to her so she could decide what to keep.

In a carefully packed carton, they found an old fashioned camera in mint condition together with several boxes of faded photographs. Their work was done so they sat with Grandma and asked her to tell them about the photographs. They were of far away places and foreign lands. Grandma told them how she and Grandpa had been fond of travelling and had taken those photographs on holidays when they were young. Although her recent memory was failing, Grandma could tell them a whole story about each photograph : what a lot of good memories !



via What do you see # 32- 1st June 2020 — Keep it alive

7 thoughts on “What do you see # 32 – Memories

  1. This is so real. I have known people who can tell you in great detail what happened 50 years ago but don’t remember what they had for breakfast.
    Thanks for joining in the challenge

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