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Enthralling endeavours


You knew I would choose blogging as my most enthralling endeavour,didn’t you? Blogging is something that can keep me occupied for hours on end.

Since childhood, I have loved to read and write. Blogging is an activity that includes both. I love the fact that it is so interactive. You can get feedback on whatever you publish. After reading posts you can leave your comments about it The comments section is a place where a lot of discussion takes place.


Since I launched my blog it takes up most of my leisure time. Before this, reading used to be numero uno on my list of enthralling endeavours.

I have to do a lot of serious reading professionally so when I read for pleasure it is mostly fiction. My favourite genres are country house mysteries (think Agatha Christie) and light hearted romances including modern “chick lit”.


Another activity that I love to do in my “me time” is needlework. This takes the form of embroidery (usually wall hangings) and knitting. I find repetitive work with my hands to be very relaxing. Doing it while I catch a favourite TV show makes it even more fun.


The endeavours I have mentioned so far are all sedentary activities. Travelling is something non sedentary that I love but for obvious reasons it can’t be more than a few times a year. Seeing new places, observing new cultures and sampling new cuisines is a lot of fun.

My ideal career would encompass all my “enthralling endeavours”. Travel blogging is something that might allow me to do all of the above together. It is not a viable option for me for quite a number of years in the future. But there is always hope……

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