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Fictional failures

Many a time I have tried my hand at fiction writing but I have always felt that my efforts turned into “fictional failures”. When I read for pleasure, it is always fiction. It is very surprising therefore that I prefer non-fiction when it comes to writing.

I like to write lifestyle and motivational type of articles. Food writing (not recipes) is also something that I enjoy. For the A to Z Writing Challenge of April 2019, I did a food fact post every day.

The reason that I am not that into fiction writing is that I am basically quite lazy. Fiction writing requires the use of dialogue and dialogue needs so much punctuation. Keeping a track of all those inverted commas (quotation marks), question and exclamation marks seems really tedious for a short post of flash fiction.

Maybe if I wrote a longer story where I could go for plot and character development I might enjoy it. I used to love writing fairy stories when I was nine years old, for my own and my little brother’s amusement. If that talent is still latent inside me I hope it surfaces one day.

How about you ? Do you prefer writing fiction or non-fiction or are you an all-rounder ?

I would love to know so do drop me a line in the comments section below.

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30 thoughts on “Fictional failures

  1. I definitely prefer to write fiction but of course, there is some non-fiction in there from research so my work sounds somewhat plausible although many readers may disagree with that. Haha. I do try, though. I do read fiction but I love reading non-fiction, too. I guess we’re all a mixed bag, though. Do what you enjoy. Great post!

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  2. I love reading well written fiction and I love to spin a few short stories myself. I am focusing on writing a memoir at the present โ€” the characters are already developed! ๐Ÿ˜‚

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  3. I love reading and writing across all genres, and I even took crazy turns within the publishing industry. I guess my motivation comes from the enjoyment of seeing nice sentences.

    When people arrange words in a way I’ve never thought of before and it works, I just feel this awesome sense of beauty, I have no idea why. Anyway, hope that you explore more in fiction writing!

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  4. I do both fiction (flash fiction) and non-fiction (society, politics, shit that happens to and around me) on my blog. I kind of enjoy writing dialogue and most of my flash fiction posts include dialogue. I too have attempted to write fiction novels, but itโ€™s not so much creating characters or writing dialogue that gets in the way as much as it is creating a story arc/plot that will maintain the interest of the reader that is my biggest challenge.

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  5. Fiction is writing is relatively new to me. I only started about a year ago…in response to the writing prompts from other bloggers.
    I came back from Australia last year full of emotions. I started writing about a fictional character and putting in a lot of my own emotions in. I have published a three part novel series since.
    And…I have been writing a new novel and that is already available on preorder on Amazon…I am just editing now before it is published 1st August.
    That will be four novels and one poetry book on Amazon in seven months.

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