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17. If only there were more

If only there were more patience There would be less stress. If only there were more tolerance There would be less strife. If only there were more sharing There would be less hunger. If only people thought others were like them too The world would be a better place. Photo credit: https://pixabay.com/photos/plantain-leaved-leopard-s-bane-flower-3414889/via June 2020 Writing Prompts Continue reading 17. If only there were more

Share Your World – 6-15-2020

What do you think of professional motivational speakers?  Do you think they motivate? The only motivational speakers that I have heard are the ones on YouTube including TED talks. They are a mixed bag of really good and so so. Two of my favourites are Brian Tracy and Better Than Yesterday.    Do you have a favorite flavor? Salted Caramel  of course.   While out … Continue reading Share Your World – 6-15-2020