20 Questions

These are from Melanie, who got them from Fandango, in two separate posts, but she reworded some, and then added more to make a better number, as you do, so are they her questions or his questions? Let me know what you decide, okay? In the meantime, imma answer the questions… 1. Okay, you write […]


1. Okay, you write a blog, so do you also play word games of any kind?

Not any more. I used to play Scrabble as a child. Some years ago I played an online game called Text Twist a few times.


2. Do you have any other type of creative outlet besides writing? Art, sewing, photography, jewelry making, etc.?

I love doing embroidery and have also learned to knit. My favourite thing to do is to do my needlework while I watch TV.


3. Do you listen to anything while you write or does it need to be quiet?

I can write just about anywhere, I don’t need quiet for it. Sometimes I listen to smooth jazz as I write.


4. Are you an avid book reader?

I have been an avid book reader all my life. Reading has always been my favourite form of relaxation. I need to do a lot of serious reading professionally so my recreational reading has always been light fiction . These days I am not working so I read non fiction sometimes : I recently began excerpts from Seneca, the ancient philosopher.


5. Name a country you would love to visit if the world wasn’t shut down because of the virus.

There are so many that it is difficult to choose; England , all of Europe, particularly France.


6. Have you ever written a poem about someone and gave it to them?

Nope. Never.


7. Is there an author (living or dead) that you would love to sit down and talk to for an hour?

I would love to have a chat with Agatha Christie.


8. Have you ever met a fellow blogger or interacted off WordPress?

Only one. She was a good friend even before we both launched our blogs. Blogging has made our friendship stronger. 


9. Cake or pie?

Why do I have to choose ? I love both. Having said that, I like the drier kinds of cake like carrot cake and banana bread. My fayourite pie is apple pie.


10. Coffee or tea?

Again I love both, but coffee does not agree with me so I keep that as a special treat while living on endless cups of tea.


11. What is the strangest movie you have ever seen?

Monsters vs Aliens. t was strange and stupid.


(I reworded the following questions because they were buggin’ me as originally written.  No offense to the original asker.  It’s my problem, not theirs.)

12.  What lessons have you learnt from C-19?

There are so many that this would require a whole post.

A very important one is that we (perhaps just me) complicate our lives with too many activities and possessions that when we give up we don’t really miss.


13. What values do you live by?

Again, I find this difficult to compress in one short answer but I will try :

Hope and Positive thinking.


14. What is your favorite movie?

This is easy : You’ve Got Mail.


15. Whom have you loved unconditionally?

My family.


16.  Your dreams in life?

Earning an income from writing.


Because it also bothers me to end things on a number not divisible by five (a quirk. And your point would be?)  I’m asking four more.  Twenty is more suitable than 16. To me.

17.   Do you like citrus flavoring?

Love it, especially orange.


18.   What is your remedy for the hiccups?

Patiently wait for them to go away. Fill the intervening time with all the remedies you have heard of like drinking water or looking at the ceiling.


19.   Are you lucky?

Absolutely. Things have worked out in my favour in many avenues of my life. I have devoted hard work and patience to them too.


20.   Barefoot or wearing something on your feet?

Can’t do without footwear ever.


I loved answering these even though I wasn’t tagged for them. I suggest other folks should have a go. I would love to read your answers.




via 20 Questions — Light Motifs II

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