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20. His silent secret

He had been good at spinning tales ever since he was a young boy. His younger sister would listen enthralled for hours on end as he made up stories of magical places and enchanted forests filled with birds and butterflies. When he grew up, he joined the army. Despite such a macho career he yearned to make up stories. Unknown to his colleagues, he started … Continue reading 20. His silent secret

FPQ 74 – Back to normal?

Which pre-pandemic activities are you ready to resume (or have you already resumed)? Which, if any, pre-virus activities are you likely to continue to avoid? My city is in lockdown for the next two weeks since we had a recent rise in Covid-19 cases. Even if restrictions are lifted ater a fortnight, I personally feel that we will need to follow lockdown precautions for the … Continue reading FPQ 74 – Back to normal?