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23. Mosquito Madness

Mosquito madness hits my part of the world twice every year, in March / April and then October / November. The reason for this is outbreaks of a mosquito transmitted disease called dengue fever that were widespread a few years ago.

This is a very debilitating infection  called bone-breaking fever due to the intense bone and joint pain it causes. It also goes by the name of haemorrhagic fever due to the bleeding that occurs from the nose or mouth in severe cases.

Twice a year in “dengue fever season” ,  the feverish attempt at extermination of mosquitoes that ensues reaches a hysterical degree. Draining waterfalls, fountains and decorative ponds as well as clearing rain gutters assumes prime importance. Shopkeepers make a handsome profit from sales of insecticide sprays, mosquito repellents and electric ” insectocutors “.

All this activity, however, achieves the desired result. The cases of the disease are now far fewer than they used to be.


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12 thoughts on “23. Mosquito Madness

  1. I remember my days when living in Malaysia as a child of six/seven now some fifty years again .. when Malaria was rife – mosquito nets, drainings, tablets the size of the current fifty pence piece and the coils. Of course they didn’t drain the monsoon drains and of course malaria killed several of the neighbours in the later 60’s – nasty business. I recall distinctly Mr Potter and Mr Hays dying through malaria.

    Nice post.

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  2. We don’t get a lot of mosquitoes here but when we lived in Ontario the mosquitoes were so thick they could carry you away – bad joke, but not far off the mark. When my brother would visit he would get eaten. It was bad. As my brother used to say: “for every one you kill a thousand comes to its funeral.” LOL

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