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5 Things You Enjoyed Doing During the Lockdown

The 5 Things tag keeps surfacing on WordPress. I am not sure who first thought of it but I have always found it fun to do. I thought “Why not make it a weekly feature?”

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Here is my contribution to this week’s 5 Things :



My family and I love watching TV shows and movies together. We have all been home during the lockdown so we fit in a lot of family screen time in between our individual activities. We re-watched some old favourites and caught some new ones too.

couple watching TV





Blogging is an activity that I enjoy whenever I can get the time for it. During the lockdown it has kept me connected with friends in the blogosphere. 

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The lockdown was a great time to catch up on reading. Previously, whenever I read for pleasure I chose fiction : mystery and romance novels. During the lockdown i have begun reading non-fiction for the first time. These days I am reading Seneca.

child reading silhouette




I have always been interested in craft like embroidery and knitting. I combine to activities by working on my embroidery while watching TV.

embroidery frame leaf scissors





In the normal course of things, sorting out  and de-cluttering usually take the back burner. These days I have managed to sort through a considerable amount of stuff, donating some and re-purposing others.

woman folding clothes



I would love to learn about your 5 things.


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30 thoughts on “5 Things You Enjoyed Doing During the Lockdown

  1. Gardening I love anyway, but even more in isolation. Blogging keeping in touch with the outside world. Writing – as well as flash fiction for my blog I have written stories for the children next door. BBC Radio -listening to words and music keeps my sanity. Television – something my ill husband and I can do together.

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  2. My five are identical to your five. LOL However, I do not knit. I used to crochet until carpal tunnel in my wrist laid waste to that. I also used to enjoy cross-stitch. I don’t do a lot of crafting any more. So I guess my fifth thing would be hiking the trails.

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  3. I’m not a part of your group but I know some of your bloggers. 1. Container gardening, (2) self quarantining with hubby when one of our adult granddaughters was exposed to Covid at her workplace, (3) reading more (if that’s possible), (4) getting even closer to the Lord, (5) trying to understand issues in the news.

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  4. That is what I did. Read, watch Netflix, not tv, sew masks and declutter my house. At first I loved quarantine because I needed rest from my crazy schedule now I’m going stir crazy 😝 oh well it’s for a good cause, to stay healthy and not spread a serious new virus to the high risk.

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