3. Misty Moon Magic

The moon is truly magical. It embodies and symbolises many things to many people. When it is a tiny sliver, barely perceptible, it heralds the beginning of a new month in the lunar calendar. When it becomes a discrete crescent, it becomes a symbol of Islam (just as the cross is the symbol of Christianity).

As the days pass, the crescent moon becomes wider. It now resembles the smile of the Cheshire cat immortalised in Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland” and dramatised by Walt Disney in an animated feature of the same name.

The moon continues to enlarge in size, beauty and luminescence, reaching its zenith on the fourteenth day. Now it is the thing of beauty in whose honour many eastern poets composed flowery verses.It used to be (and possibly still is) their practice to refer to the beloved as the Moon.

Man has looked at the full moon in the heavens from time immemorial and tried to interpret its beauty. The markings that geologists and scientists interpret as craters etc give the moon a character and form that fuel the imagination.

In the east, they are thought of as an old woman working on a spinning wheel. Western lore thinks there is a “man in the moon”. Another myth (source unknown) holds that those in love can see a rabbit in the moon.

Man has landed on the moon. Scientific instruments and computers have calculated and determined all there is to know about it. Yet the moon continues to appear mystical and magical.

Written for July writing prompts 2020.


Photo credit: https://pixabay.com/photos/ice-cream-cone-melting-hot-1274894/

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