Blogging Inspiration Strikes Unexpectedly

Good thing for WordPress scheduling…cause we’re on vacation. Hard to believe we’re already onto Week 4. Art(including pictures and images) should evoke an emotional response in those who are viewing them. That’s why art can leave such a long lasting and poignant imprint within the depths of our psyche. Your challenge or writing prompt is […]

Lynn’s Tuesday Picture Prompt – Week 4 — justabitfurther

Blogging inspiration strikes unexpectedly

Standing on the beach Watching the waves roll by

You are bombarded with creativity

But unless you have something to write on

You might lose your train of thought.

7 thoughts on “Blogging Inspiration Strikes Unexpectedly

  1. Tanya. Thanks for participating.

    A real different slant on the picture.

    I like the “bombarded with creativity” line. I often find that I have these random and yet not so random creative pieces floating around in my head. But all it takes is one misguided distraction and poof – gone in an instant.

    I’ll get to blogging it on my site later today.

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