July writing prompts

11, Killer of plasma TVs

When plasma TVs made their appearance, they were thought to be the bees’ knees and the cat’s meow of the television industry. This was not strange as all technological innovations are given a warm welcome while older models get the proverbial cold shoulder.

Plasma TVs had a great reception and picture quality. This new technology allowed TV sets of bigger sizes than had ever been seen before. The television industry was supposed to have been revolutionized.

The life and times of Plasma TVs were short lived. They were killed by the advent of newer technology: LCDs and LEDs.


Written for July Writing Prompts

8 thoughts on “11, Killer of plasma TVs

  1. We had one we kept for 14 years until it finally began to die and it’s technology wouldn’t sync with the new stuff. The REAL problem was getting rid of it. No one wanted it and we finally gave in and paid to have it taken away.

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