Blogging Insights # 36 — Devices

Today’s title reminds me of a book I once read. It was “Devices and Desires” by P.D.James, a mystery / detective story. This is however entirely besides the point. The devices we discuss today are those we use for blogging, our desktop, laptop or trusty smartphones.


What device (desktop computer,laptop,tablet or smartphone) do you find most useful for blogging and why?


Before I first launched my blog, read lots of articles on blogging. All of them advised selecting a “responsive” theme, i.e. a theme compatible across all devices. I soon realised the importance of this advice.

My blogging experience is best with my laptop. It lets me add images and links most conveniently. However, I blog most often on my smartphone even though adding images and links is not as easy as on the laptop.

Before the pandemic hit, I was out and about a lot. Most of my blogging was done on the phone, while commuting, in the dentist’s waiting room and even in the checkout line.

Okay, that was my bit. Now I would love to see your opinions.

You can leave them in the comments section below.

Better still, why not answer the questions in a post of your own.

Just remember to tag it

# blogginginsights

17 thoughts on “Blogging Insights # 36 — Devices

  1. Reblogged this on Blogger Community and commented:
    My preference is an iPad. Being a disabled person I can’t type on my laptop, I mainly use it for editing, on my phone, dictation is the order of the day, mostly for messaging. Dictation is not blogging, blogging is writing and that’s what I love. So iPad it is, and it suits me fine!

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