July writing prompts

17. Sorrows of the soul.

When a loved one passes away The world seems to come to an end. You go through the rituals associated with death. Burial, condolence, commiseration, sympathy. You force yourself to go through the motions. Then you start eating and drinking, sleeping and waking. Onlookers think you have come to terms with your loss. Little do they know sorrows of the soul last a lifetime.   … Continue reading 17. Sorrows of the soul.

curiouser and curiouser alice

The Curious Case Of Curiosity Itself

https://wp.me/p9bfbp-hDL How curious are you? I guess I would register as “average” on a “curiometer”. While I am not the proverbial cat who would be killed by curiosity, I do like to discover new things .   If you are not a curious as a person … why not? If you are, what do you love about curiosity? Remember Alice in Wonderland who kept at … Continue reading The Curious Case Of Curiosity Itself