A mouse makes merry in the pandemic.

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via What do you see # 39 – 20 July 2020 — Keep it alive

A mouse makes merry in the pandemic

“Why is it so quiet today?” thought the little mouse as she peeped out of her barely noticeable hole in the skirting that ran along the school cafeteria floor.

“Where have all the humans gone?”

She ran out looking around furtively. She had to be very careful because Mrs. Kim, who ran the school cafeteria, was more afraid of her than the little mouse was scared of Mrs. Kim. There was , however, no Mrs. Kim  to  climb on to a chair and wave a mop at her today.

The students who scared the life out of the little mouse with their loud voices were nowhere to be seen either. It was a love hate relationship : although the tiny mouse was afraid of the raucous boys and girls, she loved to feed on crumbs and bits of food 

The little mouse became a little more bold.She scurried across the floor to Mrs. Kim’s inner sanctum, the office cum storage area where she kept extra groceries. Very soon, she came across Mrs. Kim’s personal basket of mixed nuts. Jumping in, the little mouse settled down to nibble to her hrart’s content; this was going to be fun.


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