9. Dr. Galaxy

Dr. Morton had taken over as child specialist in this small town when old Dr. MacPharson finally retired. The old doctor had been a favourite with the townspeople. He had looked after nearly three generations of them through various childhood ailments. All the parents looked up to him as a font of wisdom when it came to their children, not just in matters of health but in all aspects of a child’s upbringing.

Dr,Morton, consequently, had big shoes to fill. Being an intelligent man, he decided to work on the kids first.

Despite the disapproving glances of the clinic staff he hired a workman to re-do the decor in the waiting area as well as in the surgery. Having been good at art in school, the young doctor was able to outline designs on the walls. These he got Sam, the workman to paint in the colours he wanted. When the project was finished that weekend, the clinic resembled a galaxy of planets and stars.

On Monday, when his young patients started trickling in they were surprised to see the change in the clinic. In a couple of weeks, the new doctor had become a favourite with his patients who named him “Dr. Galaxy”. Their parents, skeptical at first, grudgingly accepted that “the new guy” was a fitting replacement for their beloved physician.

Written for August Writing Prompts 2020


Image courtesy Pixabay

Featured image courtesy Unsplash.

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