Share Your World 8-3-2020

(Image Courtesy of Paula Light, with subtle tweaking by me) Welcome to Share Your World! I will post four or five different questions each week for you to answer. There are two ways which you can participate. Create a Share Your World post. Then post the link to that blog post or leave your answers […]

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What will finally break the Internet? Do you believe it can be broken at all?

Overuse is probably what will kill the internet. People will surf and chat and download and message so much that the system will go into overdrive and explode. An IT person will tell you something to the contrary but this is what I believe.

What are some ‘red flags’ to watch out for in daily life? (take it as you want)

Flagging (pun not intended) health and energy.

Stress and anxiety.

What’s the silliest thing someone has argued with you about?

“Who started the argument?” Is probably the silliest thing ever to argue over. Whoever started it, someone should have the sense to finish it.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve found lying on the ground / side of the road?

Two cute little kittens of good pedigree that had been abandoned on a trash heap. Why would anyone abandon such lovely animals. My kids brought them home and adopted them.

5 thoughts on “Share Your World 8-3-2020

  1. Thank you Dr. Tanya for your uplifting Share Your World. Those kittens found a great home! I happen to agree with your idea of how the internet might eventually fail. Far too much strain on limited resources of power and technology. It makes perfect sense to me. I just hope it holds off until things greatly improve. How much more bleak would isolation be without the internet? It doesn’t bear thinking about. It does pay to notice when our reserves start to lessen. A big red flag indeed! Great answers today! Thank you!

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  2. You are most welcome Melanie. Thanks are due to you for providing thought provoking questions each week.
    We humans have a tendency to overuse our resources, whether natural or technological.
    You are so right— isolation in the pandemic would have been unbearable had we not had the internet.



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