Blogging Insights # 40 : Scheduling


How often do you use the “schedule” feature on Word Press and how useful do you find it?

How far ahead do you schedule your posts?


How often do you use the “schedule” feature on Word Press and how useful do you find it?

I use the schedule button always every time I post. This may sound strange, but there is a very practical reason for it. When I first started blogging, a couple of my posts encountered a glitch while publishing. They somehow got backdated and did not get published. Then a blogger friend suggested using the schedule feature for every post, even those I am posting right away. Ever since, even if I have to publish a post as soon as I write it, I schedule it for five or ten minutes later.

How far ahead do you schedule your posts?

Not as far ahead as I would like to as I am not a super organised person. Ideally, I would like to always have a week”s worth of posts scheduled. Practically, I have never managed to get more than four or five posts scheduled in advance. The scheduling feature becomes a godsend at busy times. When you know that you are going to be busy for a couple of days or when you are travelling, this kind of doing ahead becomes invaluable. Let me end by relating a sad but pertinent experience. A few days before he died, my father was in the hospital unconscious from a massive stroke. I used to sit beside him, reading or blogging on my phone. He passed away on a Sunday morning. A few days prior, I had scheduled my Blogging Insights post which I publish every Monday morning. In all my grief, I had naturally forgotten about my blog and it was quite a surprise when the notification for the published post popped up on my phone. Okay, that was my bit; now I would love to read your views. You could share them in the comments section below. Better still, why not write a post of your own about this? Just remember to tag it #blogginginsights

26 thoughts on “Blogging Insights # 40 : Scheduling

  1. The point 1, it happened to me too.. it published with the date and time when I had created the draft of the post! So it lagged behind and I too practise scheduling now 😊nice post. Thanks for sharing

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  2. 🙂 You probably know by now that I am all for scheduling my blog posts.

    In regards to scheduling blog posts, I like to schedule them a few days in advance; which ensures that my blog posts are published at a certain day and time.

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  3. I always try to finish my weekly post at least a day in advance, and when I do, I schedule them. If I’m still working on a post on Sunday morning, I post it as soon as it’s finished.

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  4. I’ve scheduled my posts for a long while now, for several reasons. The main ones are:

    1. It avoids the problem that HappySoul mentions above where a post can be inadvertently set with a date prior to the current date.

    2. I think it’s beneficial to choose a post frequency that suits you (I’ve currently settled on once a week), reducing the risk of ‘burnout’.

    3. (Perhaps the most important reason.) I think it helps to give a post time to marinade. It often happens that I will think I’ve finished a post, and then, later, I’ll realize there’s a way to improve it. Scheduling allows time for those final touches to make it to the post before it goes live.

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