21. “I was his but he wasn’t mine”

Since the beginning of time unrequited love has been a theme in many stories. It is a common motif in books and movies.

Although I myself am partial to a happy ending, the one sided love type of story is very popular. In most cases it is the woman whose love is unreciprocated.

What do you think?

Written for August Writing Prompts 2020 AugustWritingPrompts Image courtesy Pixabay

15 thoughts on “21. “I was his but he wasn’t mine”

  1. Unrequited love stories definitely pull at my heart strings. I always feel so sad for the person whose love is not returned. However, in real life, I have seen some people who were in love with someone treated very unfairly. I knew a young lad who had a crush on a girl. She wasn’t interested. He became a big joke to everyone, mainly due to her mocking him. He was labelled as a stalker and as obsessed. People played pranks on him. In the end he moved away because he was tormented so much just because he had been brave enough to tell a pretty girl he liked her. Not only did he face her rejection, but he was mocked by lots of others too. I thought it was incredibly cruel.

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