Blogging Insights # 46 — The Value of Comments

The comments feature is one of my favourite aspects of blogging. I love interacting with readers and writers. Being only human, I have at times left comments like “Good one”, “Great Post,” or “Loved This”. It is the longer, “meaningful: comments that are the subject of today’s discussion.


Do you think that comments add value to a blog post? If so, how?


Instant Feedback

Twenty five years ago , I freelanced for a newspaper for a few months. The initial excitement of having my work published soon wore off. I was then agonizing over whether people actually read my work and what they thought of it. Of course, I would force my articles on to friends and family but I thought they appreciated them only out of politeness.

Once I started blogging, getting favourable comments the same day made it a wonderful experience for me. I was no longer afraid that positive reviews were just courtesy. These commentators did not even know what part of the globe I was on.

Discussion & Debate

When I read a blog post, I like to go through the comments too. Many a time when people comment on points raised in that post, a discussion ensues. Not only does the he author of that post answer but other people join in. If there is a debatable issue, this can go on for some time adding tremendous value to the original post.

Wisdom & Knowledge

When I launched my blog I had zero social media skills and only passable computer know how. Posts on blogging are my training place. If I do not understand something I ask a question in the comments section. I am rewarded with a prompt reply and sometimes links to more info on the subject. This also applies to life skills , parenting, personal development and indeed any topic under the sun.

Traffic & Stats

Although many bloggers disregard their statistics, I am quite gratified by them. In the tentative first months of blogging the likes and comments were great confidence boosters. After having passed the 1000 followers mark and having written more than a 1000 posts I am still quite bucked to see a spike in my stats. I read somewhere that the word count of comments is perceived as part of your word count by Google. So if you are into all the SEO business which I cannot yet fathom, comments especially longer ones can help you.

Socializing & Communication

Leaving a comment on a blog post is the best way of engagement in the blogosphere. I have made many good friends in this way. The interaction and camaraderie that ensues is one of my favourite aspects of blogging.

My response today has become a little wordy. I tend to get carried away when I feel strongly about a subject.

I would love to read your views about this.

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37 thoughts on “Blogging Insights # 46 — The Value of Comments

  1. I enjoy reading comments on my blog. Some are inspiring and validating, as well. The comment section has helped me to establish relationships with some of my followers, too! Great post today! Thanks for sharing! ๐Ÿ’™

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      1. Um. D’oh! Sorry… my previous comment made reference to another site, not yours. My old grey matter got its knickers in a twist somehow โ€“ sorry about that!

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