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5 Favourite Ways To Enjoy Potatoes

The 5 Things tag keeps surfacing on WordPress. I am not sure who first thought of it but I have always found it fun to do. I thought “Why not make it a weekly feature?”

If you participate in a post of your own please tag it #5things.

Here is my contribution to this week’s 5 Things :


5 Favourite Ways To Enjoy Potatoes

French Fries topped with Cheese or Garlic Mayo

cheese fries

This is the ultimate comfort food if you can afford the calories and the sodium. The sodium is not an issue for me yet, but why take the risk? So I indulge in cheese fries or garlic mayo fries maybe once in a year. But that doesn’t stop them from being my absolute favourites. Note , I like my fries a little thick and not too crispy — more like the chips you get at fish n chip shops.


Potato Wedges

potato wedges

These are such a yummy and healthy alternative to French fries. If you leave the skins on and roast them in the oven with a drizzle of olive oil and a dash of your favourite herb it’s even better.


Potato Crisps

crisps with sauces and soda

Picnics, parties, excursions; what would they be without potato crisps? They come in lots of flavours from all over the world. Some brands have come up with baked , low calorie and low salt varieties too.


Baked Potato

baked potato

Baked potatoes allow you to feel virtuous while satisfying your carb cravings. High in fiber and vitamin C, the baked potato is only as good or bad as the topping you select. My favourite is sour cream.

Mashed Potato

mashed potatoes

Made traditionally with fresh butter, mashed potatoes are as decadent as chocolate and possibly higher in calories. If you want to be virtuous, you can make them with milk instead of butter.


How do you enjoy your potatoes? I would love to know.



All images courtesy Unsplash

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