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5 Favourite Fall Fruits

Today’s topic is a bit of a tongue twister and I love that. I love all kinds of fruit and I am having trouble thinking up one that I despise. I basically enjoy fruit on it’s own but you can take it to the next level by making yummy things with it. So here are my top picks for fall.


apples and pie

This is a universal favourite, I guess. It’s a bit like nature’s fast food, easily packed into lunch boxes, backpacks and even laptop bags. There are so many varieties to choose from and so many yummy things you can make with them. I think they deserve a whole post of their own later.


peach dessert

Peaches are luscious as they are. the ones with the bright yellow almost orange flesh are the ones I like best but I don’t mind the white ones either. My favourite peachy treat is a little fruit tart. It is made of a light crust filled with semi sweet custard and topped with slices of fresh peach —- luscious! Another way I like my peaches is as fruit yoghurt, home made is best of course, but the store bought kind is available year round.


girl with basket of plums

Glossy, black plums bursting with red juice and sweetness are the ones I like best. There are other varieties, dark to lighter purple and red but these are not as sweet especially near the stone. I make a refreshing drink with plums by removing the skins and stone sand blending the flesh with a little water and lots of crushed ice.


red papaya

I used to have a “meh” attitude towards papaya including them in my generalised fondness for fruit. A trip to Bangkok and the discovery of red papaya made me a fan for life. They are great on their own as well as a colourful and tasty addition to fruit salad.



These are as sweet and delicious as mangoes and quite similar in their vitamin and calorie count. They are as sweet and yummy as any dessert.

I know that some of you associate peaches and plums with summer but in my part of the world summer is too hot for them. We begin to get them in September and then they continue through to October.

What are your favourite fall fruits and how do you like to enjoy them? I would love to know.

15 thoughts on “5 Favourite Fall Fruits

  1. I love many fruits, but not all. Here in southern California we have most fruits all year.
    Apples of all kinds are awesome. My grandmother used to make an amazing apple cake that was to die for.
    Blueberries are great alone and in a pie.
    Strawberries are wonderful alone and in cottage cheese.
    I am allergic to the skin on peaches so I can’t eat them fresh unless someone else peels them. They are great alone and in pie.
    Pears are so wonderful.
    My favorite is to cut up all the fruits and have a wonderful bowl of sweetness.

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  2. Papayas was something I didn’t appreciate until lately. They are so refreshing and I agree about the fruit salad. The other one is Persimmons. I love them, unique but so expensive. I treat myself whenever I can find them but always get questioned at the supermarket checkout because people don’t know much about them. Is a persimmon a ripe fuji fruit? I always meant to look that up.

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  3. A greatly interesting post Tanya 🙂

    I love papaya and sadly not many people truly understand it as a fruit, l love mango – l love all fruits, but have some real favourites and some l still remember fondly as a child living in Malaysia such as Rambutans – oh they were awesome. When l owned animals, l used to travel down to Covent Garden fruit market and buy a week’s supply of fruits and vegetables for the residents and so the fruits already mentioned, but also Star Fruit, Passion Fruit, Jackfruit, Fruit Salad Plant, Lychees and the list just went on and on and don’t start me on the vegetables. Of course l bought many of the usuals as well, but with exotics — well you know you just have to try them don’t you? 🙂

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      1. Hey Tanya, oooh yes very much so – just by itself is divine, it has so many benefits – however it can be quite pricey, so it’s more of a treat. But l also love figs, kumquats, dates, Nashi pears – the list is endless infinity ha ha 🙂

        Hope you are keeping well.

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      2. Hey Tanya, you must 🙂

        Have you tried Durian Fruit? It stinks, l have eaten it a couple of times in my life – but it tastes better than it smells 🙂



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