Stirring Pots and Poking Nerves

This is a very well rounded response and one that I entirely agree with:

Thoughts & Theories

Sensitive and controversial issues abound in today?s world, and even those of us who do what we can to remain fairly neutral in our blogging occasionally, either by choice or pure accident, write about things that get viewed as touchy topics. This week?s Blogging Insights delves into how we treat these issues with questions from Melanie B. Cee, who runs, and our venerable host, Dr. Tanya.

Melanie?s Questions

Warning “labels” when one is writing about something that could potentially be ‘touchy’ to some folks. Pros and cons:
This seems to me to be an issue of etiquette and manners more than anything. And while proper etiquette and manners can be occasionally ambiguous, there are a few commonly accepted guidelines that will help keep you out of trouble. These include such things as advising readers about potential spoilers, adult content, or foul language, especially if these things aren?t within…

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