Blogging Insights # 53 — Gutenberg Tips

Some time ago, I asked you people about your views on the new Gutenberg editor on WordPress. You can check out that post here. When I asked for topics for discussion on Blogging Insights # 49,  Jennifer  from Paperkutzs suggested a discussion on tips and tricks for using Gutenberg.


Can you share some tips and tricks for using the new Gutenberg editor on WordPress ?



I am not at all adept at Gutenberg yet. In spite of that, here are my “tips” :

1. Become resigned —– Many of us ranted and raved against the Gutenberg editor but our comments and pleas fell on deaf ears. WordPress went ahead with the new editor anyway. So its a question of grinning and bearing it —– what cannot be cured, must be endured etc. etc..

2. Allow yourself more time —- It takes longer to use Gutenberg (for me any way) so it’s a good idea to keep a bigger chunk of time than earlier for each post. If you can’t devote more time then you will have to post less —- a take it or leave it situation mostly.

3. Use the “classic” block —– Mercifully, those irritating blocks include a classic block option. This allows you to use the same font , bullet points and alignment options as the previous editor.

4. Give it a chance —- The new editor has some new features for editing images and also lots of different features for lots of other things that I have had neither time nor inclination to try out. Those who are brave enough and persistent enough to try them out will be rewarded — if at first you don’t succeed……..


Okay guys, that was my bit. Now I would love to read your views.

You can leave your reply in my comments section.

Better still, why not write a post of your own?

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20 thoughts on “Blogging Insights # 53 — Gutenberg Tips

  1. I made a good faith promise to give it ONE more try. But I do not have more time to give and if I did, I wouldn’t give it. I’ve been doing this for eight years and I’ve given it more than enough time already. So if it gets more arduous, it might be time for me to cut back a LOT or just plain quit.

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  2. Here’s my thoughts for Jennifer and for anyone who is having trouble with that blamed editor.

    ‘Classic’ block choice is the one to use too. It is very similar to the old one. If they (WP) take that away? Well I’ll probably be here asking how to adapt to that stupid block garbage (IMHO) too. But why borrow trouble? Maybe they’ll keep the classic block choice.

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  3. Hi there, I’ve been using the Block Editor for almost a year and so it’s already second nature. It does get easier with use. I’ve written a series of tutorials on getting started with the Block Editor as well as the WP Admin Classic Editor for those who want to write there until its no longer available. Any feedback you’d be willing to give on their usability is appreciated. Thanks.

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