Sprint or Marathon Reblog from Jim Adams

A Unique Title For Me

Today Dr. Tanya is asking questions which I feel relate more to the professional bloggers than the casual ones, which I am.  I play chess, but I don’t play like a grand master, calculating all of the moves that my opponent might make and trying to stay 10 steps ahead of them.  Most of my posts are prompt related and they are not written to draw in new readers, not that it would be a bad thing having a post that garnered a lot of attention, but I am happy with the small group of people that read most of the stuff that I write.  Today on Blogging Insights, the Snoopy looking character Salted Caramel would like us to answer three questions pertaining to Evergreen versus Topical content, which I feel I should probably try to explain first.

Evergreen content is writing that doesn’t go out of date.  It revolves…

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