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Blogging Insights # 54 — Evergreen vs Topical Content
Evergreen or Topical content, which do you prefer writing?

Interesting question and whilst l know the difference between both topical and evergreen l always tended to view the styles slightly differently – however for the sake of this post ….. l enjoy writing both and it is always reflective upon my mood at the time and the on the day as to what is created.

Which do you write most often?

Perhaps 50/50 and yet some weeks/months it can be more biased upon one style only – l don’t have a particular schedule for writing more evergreen as opposed to writing more topical – it’s if anything, more personalised than that which would lean more towards topical and yet, l get a lot of emails from business blogs referencing evergreen posts that l have written.

Whilst l don’t spend hours poring over my statistics l think anyone who has a blog that has the potential for business indirectly and or directly or the desire to encourage business through their blog, statistics are always important and should be reviewed often.

Now having said this …. l take a 15 minute study of my statistics daily and l am often surprised at how many of my posts [both topical and evergreen] from perhaps 12-18 months ago are still read lending weight to a balanced style ratio of sustainability and standing .

Which of these adds more value or engagement to your blog?

Both, ultimately it will always come down to your readership which they prefer to read on a regular basis as well as which they may decide to revisit. At a guess, whatever posts offer more entertainment value will be the ones read and reread with regularity mattering not if they are evergreen or topical.

This question reminds me of a conversation l had with a fellow blogger the other day …. Do your posts add value to the world Rory?

I answered ‘probably not, but then l am not looking to add value to the world or even impress the world – l am happiest if any of my readers can have a laugh, a smile, can sing along to a song, can share a joke with me, feel a form of relatability or resonation to what l write or leaves with the feeling that something which l created – trash or treasure alike – was worth them staying long enough to actually read it and like it and interact with me.

That’s not being negative either – just realistic – what adds more value to your blog or engagement?

It’s not a rocket science answer is it, as it is simply answered ….The readers – always the readers.


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