Blogging Insights # 55 — Daydreams

Up till now we have been discussing fairly practical issues on Blogging Insights. Let us break the mold today and talk about daydreams.


What are your “dreams” regarding your blog ?


Bags of money

I wish I could make some money from my blog. Although I would love to make it my primary source of income, I would be happy if it could at least “pay for itself “. I use the Personal Plan on WordPress and would love it if my blog could, at the very minimum, generate enough funds to pay for the annual fee. Currently, since I have opted for a paid plan, I am paying to blog.

The question of monetizing my blog remains a pipe dream however. My blog Stats and traffic are not enough to be able to make money from advertising. I have no goods or services to sell on my blog.

I cannot devote a big enough chunk of time regularly to blogging to improve this situation. Earning money from blogging therefore remains a dream.

Original Images

I am highly impressed by people who take good photos and use them to illustrate their blog posts. Sadly , I am not adept at taking photos so I have to rely on free images available on the web. Luckily, lots of good images are available which I use quite often especially for “visual ” posts like my 5things series. Having said that, I still dream of being able to take professional quality images and photo edit them for my posts.

Quality and Quantity

I love to blog and would like to post quality content frequently and regularly. When I first launched my blog I used to write longer posts and used to take great pains with the quality as well as format of my content. But I could manage this for only one post a week.

I soon discovered that shorter posts “performed” much better on WordPress even if the content was less than stellar. My dream is to regularly post content that is rich in ideas, writing style and format.

Daydreams cost nothing except time so I could go on and on. Dreams are worthless if you don’t follow them with actions. Yet every great venture begins as a dream.

What are your dreams for your blog? I would love to know about them.

Do compose a post of your own about this. Please remember to tag it #blogginginsights.

21 thoughts on “Blogging Insights # 55 — Daydreams

  1. I think you hit on a lot of my “pain”/”dream” points with blogging. I only say “pain” points because the lack of those things is often frustrating, and the “dream” is to have the frustration relieved. I definitely would like to have my own images in many cases, though I have made peace with using free images from Pexels and Pixabay. I would love to make money blogging, but have yet to come up with a practical way that would even produce enough money to call it a lucrative hobby, and the idea of living off of that income is, for the moment, a pipe-dream at best. And as far as the quality vs. quantity thing goes, I definitely know what you mean about some of my shorter, seemingly thrown together pieces getting all the attention, and the “personal masterpieces” laying untouched by any eyes but my own.

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  2. You know Tanya, maybe the answers lies in only producing one or 2 posts per week anyway? That way you can exercise your love for longer content and quality content. Too many writers/bloggers struggle with trying to produce too many posts thinking that is what is expected of them. It’s a suggestion that might prove more gratifying and fruitful to you.

    Everyone has something they can sell without it being a product or a service, they just need to look at what they are good at and then hyperfocus on that – you might surprise yourself. If you are looking at producing an income to simply pay for the plan you are on, look around you never know, there are lots of answers out there. Without selling your soul to the devil.

    Instead of reblogging eveyone’s response, why not just create a single post and pick out your favourited answers from all the bloggers responses and post that way – that is a more qualitable response. You can still have the bloggers present in hyperlink.

    I did this recently with the 12 Bloggerz game – l don’t reblog – l don’t have a reblog facility or button for either or – but you might find that a bit more qualitable for you and effective?

    I think if you really wanted to set a target for your personal plan and getting that paid for though your blog directly or indirectly with your content there are pathways available for thyat – it would be a great challenge and you were to succeed you then have a potential further pathway for making an income indirectly through your blog about how you achieved an income without plastering your blog with advertising. I think a lot of writers would be very interested in that concept?

    I am going to be writing on this very thing next year as l am horribly adverse advertising on blogs and would love to know the ways of producing an income online.

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