What’s in a Name?

Pc Guy shares the reason behind his unusual name :

Thoughts & Theories

Pseudonym, screen name, pen name, username, call it what you will, if you have an online presence, you have at least one, and depending on how many online venues you participate in, you might even have more than one. Frequently, even if we don?t hide our real name, these alternate names we give ourselves frequently don?t line up in any obvious way with our real identity. In this week?s edition of Blogging Insights, Dr. Tanya asks us to reveal the secrets behind our chosen blogging moniker.

Do you use your own name for blogging?
Not really. Some people know my real name, and I don?t necessarily hide it, but if you look at my author information on my blog, you will only find my blogging ID.
If you use a pseudonym, what are your reasons for this, and what led you to choose that particular…

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