What’s Your Blog’s Name?


Thoughts & Theories

Last week, Dr. Tanya asked us about the story behind our usernames. This week, she?s following it up with questions about our blog title.

Why did you choose your particular blog title? Was their a reason behind it or was it just a random choice?
All of my blog titles, even those of the blogs that no longer exist, had significance based on the content of the blog. The title of this blog, Thoughts & Theories, was chosen because it was a good overarching title for the three blogs that were combined to create it. My three original categories, Random Ramblings, Project Sledgehammer, and For God so Loved the World, were the three titles of the blogs that were combined to create this one, and they serve the purpose of housing posts related to the themes of those original blogs: personal anecdotes and musings about…

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