please forgive me scrabble tiles

An Apology to My Friends

Dear Friends in the blogosphere,

there is something wrong with my internet connection since yesterday. I am glad yesterday’s Blogging insights got published. However, I was unable to access your responses and the pingbacks probably did not work either.

I am at my mother’s place for a couple of hours and will try to catch up on as much blogging as I can using her wifi.

If I am “in-communicado” again, please blame it on my internet provider.

Featured image courtesy Unsplash

12 thoughts on “An Apology to My Friends

  1. Oh, I’m so sorry. There’s something amiss in the connection world up where I live too. It’s a cable, buried underground and is theoretically supposed to be without interruption, but lately if I’m watching a TV show or movie, it keeps reloading over and over. It could be the site I use to stream too though. How frustrating for you and here’s to hoping for a speedy solution!

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