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Fandango’s Provocative Question #99

This week’s provocative question was suggested by Pete over at Mr. Bump, and it’s a goodie. Pete wants to know… What do you think are the three most pressing issues facing us today? Humanity has always been faced with “issues”, problems that need to be addressed, things that need improving. But they cannot all be solved at once so hence the need to prioritise. In FPQ … Continue reading Fandango’s Provocative Question #99

What do you see # 60 – 14 December 2020

WDYS Does this picture inspire you to write something? Image credit; Shche- Team @ Unsplash ( For the visually challenged reader, the image shows an outdoor scene. An old fashioned radio is placed next to a couple of candles and a wicker basket. Behind the radio is a pot full of blooming red flowers) The Pleasures of Staying Home A stay at home weekend Sitting … Continue reading What do you see # 60 – 14 December 2020