• What news event do you vividly remember hearing about as a child, and where were you?
  • This question made me access a childhood memory that I have never before recalled. I must have been eight or nine years old when the local newspaper was full of accounts of a serial killer who hid in trees at a graveyard and jumped down on people and stabbed them. I remember my father telling my mother about it in the car on the way to school one morning. For quite some time after that I felt scared whenever we drove past huge trees.
  • What is a Christmas song that makes you cringe?
  • “Joy to the world” is a carol that is often played on cable channels these days.
  • What is one place you shop(ped prior to Covid) that might have surprised people?
  • I used to love browsing in pop up bazaars and quaint old world tyoe bazaars prior to Covid but I don’t think that would surprise people who know me well.
  • What is your least favorite holiday side dish?
  • I am not too fond of overly spicy food .

GRATITUDE SECTION (Always optional)

Share something heart warming that’s happened to you lately.

Yesterday, I enjoyed a late afternoon walk. It isn’t something that was heart warming as such but I really enjoyed it.


Written for Share Your World, a prompt created by Melanie of sparksfromacombustiblemind

16 thoughts on “SYW

    1. I had completely forgotten about it until I saw the question. I thought about it for a few days but couldn’t come up with anything which is why my post was delayed. When I woke up yesterday morning I recalled this incident. I honestly had never thought of it since.
      That is the beauty of prompts, they bring out ideas and thoughts that you don’t know existed.



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