What Are You Reading Then? — A Guy Called Bloke

The Curious eBooker? What Are Reading Then? Directory How Real Do You Want It? It’s been an interesting year don’t you think? The way that for instance this time last year, we were not forward thinking that this year 2020 would be very different to 2019 – oh no, we weren’t. 1,054 more words

What Are You Reading Then? — A Guy Called Bloke

I have many questions but principally three questions for you …

1] How real do you need your reality reading or fiction reading to be?

Fiction does not need to be at all real. The kind I like is the 1920’s or 30’s country house mystery kind of fiction. I don’t do much ‘reality reading’ for pleasure.


2] Have you knowingly noticed over the last 9 months and since the arrival of Covid – 19 your writing style has altered?

I think my writing style is still much the same as it was : informal, chatty and (I hope) somewhat humorous. Having said that, I feel my posts have become a little more serious in tone since the pandemic started.


3] Have you noticed any changes in the way that you personally blog – for instance your overall outlook and positivity reflects upon you differently now?

Although I have not noticed any major change in my writing style, their is a major slant in my topics. Whether I like it or not, references to the Covid-19 pandemic creep into nearly every post that I write. I guess it is difficult not to let something you are living through to affect your writing.

I try to look at the bright side of things always. Like all humans, I get depressed and anxious at times but I always manage to regain my positive outlook — I like to call this my re-set mechanism. I hope this reflects in my posts too.

4 thoughts on “What Are You Reading Then? — A Guy Called Bloke

  1. I also think it would hard to not have some content relating to our current climate, it’s now part of our history, our present and our future – it changed the world.

    Thanks for taking part Tanya 🙂

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