5 Movies / Shows You Enjoyed In 2020

In this pandemic year, we have watched more movies and shows than we ever intended. I can’t say if we watched more than was good for us since it helped pass some very stressful time. Although I re-watched lots of old favourites, in today’s list I am only including titles that I saw in 2020.

The Crown — season 4

The Crown poster

When I was little, I used to kill time by going through my mother’s magazines like Woman & Woman’s Own. Since they had lots of pictures and articles on the British Royals, I became a fan early on. I enjoyed watching the first three seasons of The Crown with my mother and my daughter. Small wonder then, that I was eagerly awaiting season 4. Season 4 was more of a treat than the earlier ones. It featured Emma Corrin as Princess Diana. I have seen depictions of Diana’s life before but have never seen a truer likeness than Emma Corrin.

The Queen’s Gambit

The Queen's Gambit poster

I don’t usually watch serious shows by way of entertainment. This was an exception that I found so interesting that I binge watched it in two sittings. I have never played chess and I am hopeless at math, yet I was greatly moved by this story of this math genius / chess prodigy.

Rosemary & Thyme

Rosemary & Thyme poster

For ardent fans of detective shows and gardens this is the perfect show. Watching two landscape designers solve crimes against a beautiful background of the British countryside was very soothing for my Covid frazzled nerves.

Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls poster

My mum stumbled upon this show on Netflix. I began watching it with her and it soon became a family favourite even though it was too sugary sweet in some parts . After the first couple of seasons I was put off, however by the attitude both the Gilmore mother and daughter displayed towards relationships.

Primal Fear

primal fear courtroom scene

This gripping movie starring Richard Gere and Edward Norton dealt with several important issues. The twist at the end was totally unexpected.

Okay that was my fave five list. Now I am looking forward to reading your’s. Please remember to tag it #5things

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