SHARE YOUR WORLD 1-4-2020 — sparksfromacombustiblemind

Welcome to Share Your World!   The 2021 Version.  Despite my faux pas on the title of this one.  Do you have trouble remembering what year it is, for a few days in the New one?  Well I do, and it got me ‘good’ on today’s SYW’s title.   Oopsie!  I will post four or five different […]

SHARE YOUR WORLD 1-4-2020 — sparksfromacombustiblemind


What’s a relationship deal breaker for you?

Lack of sincerity in a relationship leads to a break. This encompasses dishonesty and a lack of consideration.

Do you believe in extra-terrestrials?

I would love to believe in little green men from Mars but I am afraid that I don’t.

In the morning, do you hit the snooze button on your alarm (sometimes repeatedly) or do you leap out of bed, ready to face the day?

My response varies. On some days I wake up bright and chirpy even before my alarm rings. On other days, I press the snooze button on both alarms that I have set 3 minutes apart.

If you came back in the next life as an animal, which animal would you choose to be?  (and even if you don’t believe in that, let’s suspend belief for a moment just to have a little fun)

Although I don’t believe in re-incarnation, for the purposes of your question I would love to be a soft furry kitten.

GRATITUDE (Participation is always optional)

What do you plan to work on this year to make it better than last year  (personal goals, physically or mentally, or all three)?

I plan to work on my attitude. Since I tend to take things seriously, I end up with a lot of stress especially with things over which I have no control. This year I intend to practise going with the flow.

5 thoughts on “SHARE YOUR WORLD 1-4-2020 — sparksfromacombustiblemind

  1. Thanks Dr. Tanya for Sharing Your World! A soft furry little kitten would be an immensely satisfying animal to be. Aw. ❤ I like your resolution and wish you the best success with it. It does take a lot of practice, but diligence will pay off! Have a fabulous week!

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