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5 Favourite Self Care Tips

All through February social media has been full of self care and self love. We need a lot of pampering and stress relief after the horrible 2020 that we have lived through. Today I share some of my favourite self care tips and ask you to do the same.

A good book, a comfy armchair and a huge mug of tea.

tea is always a good idea

winter weekend open book beside blue mug

This has always been at the top of my list long before I was awake to the concept of self care. Mind you, I only read fiction to unwind.

A nature walk while I listen to an audio book on my earphones.

magical forest summer

This is my healthiest form of self care but I must admit that it doesn’t get done regularly. When, however, I do get around to it, it makes me feel really good about myself. I don’t read much non fiction but I don’t mind listening to it as I walk. Healthy mind, healthy body : it’s a win win situation.

A really good long movie.

The Queen's Gambit poster

I discovered this one during my house move. One day I came home completely exhausted and passed out in front of the telly. Two hours spent in bed watching Netflix gave me mental and physical energy to get going for another stint of sorting and packing.

Catching up with my buddies.

four persons eating on black wooden table

Before the pandemic happened, meeting up with a group of informal friends at our favourite cafes used to be the best way to recharge my batteries. These days we catch up on the phone or on Whatsapp but it is just not the same .

Retail therapy.

5 gift bags

This is my most indulgent form of self care and one that must be used extremely judiciously for it can very easily get out of hand. Whether it is visiting the shops for a new handbag , outfit, novel or ordering the same online, it gives you a buzz.

18 thoughts on “5 Favourite Self Care Tips

  1. Hey Tanya, welcome back .. l know you have been back for a week or so, are you now settled in once more?

    Anyway, that aside – here’s wishing you a lovely Thursday afternoon.

    Some music for your pleasure.

    Universal Greetings

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