5 Things — 5 Favourite French Fries

Everyone loves French fries. They are most people’s favourite way to enjoy potatoes.

Today I ask you to name five favourite kinds of French fries. You could name the brands/ chains that you love or you could list the toppings you adore — play it your way.

Here are my top five :

Old Fashioned

These are the homemade kind that I grew up with. Made with real as opposed to packaged potatoes, I love their texture. I simply cannot get used to the thin pointy mass produced ones that all fast food joints give you nowadays.

Cheese Fries

French fries topped with gooey cheese sauce are the ultimate indulgence. I love those from the chain One Potato Two Potato. My copy cat version isn’t bad either. I just top home made fries with a little sliced or grated cheese and microwave them for 30 seconds. Voila!

Crunchy Fries

You can make French fries crunchy by tossing them with cornflour or gram flour before deep frying. They get a lovely crisp texture.

Batter covered

Dip your potatoes in tempura or gram flour batter before frying. This takes French fries to the next level. Dip them in sweet chilli sauce or mint yoghurt dip — yum !

Funky Shapes

While not a fan of frozen fries, I relent with curly fries. These curly whorls of fried potato taste better than the straight kind.

Crinkle chips taste better for the same reason. While easily obtained from a packet, you can make them “organically” using a special crinkle bladed knife.

Honorable mention — Sweet Potato Fries

I forgot to mention my latest favourites:sweet potato fries. These are supposed to be healthier than the ordinary kind although I have yet to find out why.

15 thoughts on “5 Things — 5 Favourite French Fries

  1. Can’t say if I have five favourite french fries, but I like traditional English chips, breaded scampi which is deep fried, doughnuts, fried bread, and banana fritters (dipped in a sweet batter and fried). Do they count?

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