My Plans Just Got Pantzed! — Reblog from PC Guy IV

Do you outline your posts (planning) or do you just go ahead by the seat of your pants (pantzing)?

Blogging Insights–Planning or Pantzing

When it comes to writing, especially my blog posts, I definitely tend to be a seat-of-my-pants kind of writer. I sit down and start writing, and keep going until the post is finished. That isn’t to say I don’t stop to edit, but a lot of that happens during the process of actually writing.

My lack of planning when it comes to writing explains a great deal of why I never liked research papers, and more than likely, also explains why I struggle writing long-form fiction of any variety. The drudgery of planning bores me, and I just start writing, but then things don’t turn out the way I want, so I scrap the project and try to start again, leading to the same result. Even when I do finally accept defeat and try to plan, I tend to get distracted and go on to other projects because all that planning takes too long.


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