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5 Things Tuesday — What 5 Things Mean Spring to You

Although winter becomes shorter every year, I welcome spring with a spring in my step. These are some of the things that I enjoy about the season;


garden flowers planter

Sweet peas, petunias, dahlia, cineraria, hollyhocks, snapdragons, and many more combine to give the season its colour and fragrance.



cherry blossom

Some trees get their blossom before their leaves grow to full size after winter. The silk cotton trees in my city are an example. Other trees get their new leaves which are lovely shades of pink, beige and copper before they accumulate chlorophyll and turn green.



Nature walks and Picnics

woman field sunlight

Summer in my city, Lahore, is too warm for outdoor activities. Spring is the time for nature walks, picnics, funfairs and excursions. Of course spring of 2020 was clouded by Covid 19 and the first lockdown. This year the third wave of the pandemic has coincided with spring.


spring bird

With so many flowers around, birds return from warmer climes and hover around. Surprisingly , we still get them in the pockets of trees in the residential areas of our otherwise very urbanised city.


After the dark colours and heavy textures of winter, lining up your spring outfits is such fun. Pink, yellow, emerald and turquoise , whether neon bright or pastel are very welcome.


Okay. That was my list. Now I would love to read about your favourites. Please remember to tag your post #5things


all images courtesy Pixabay

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