A to Z Blogging Challenge 2021 — “J” — Strange Jest by Agatha Christie

For letter J of the A to Z Blogging Challenge I chose “Strange Jest” because I wanted to talk about Miss Marple. For the next couple of posts I will be discussing this delightful old spinster.

The story Strange Jest is a good example of Jane Marple ‘s prowess. Although it runs to less than ten pages, it is long enough to give us a good idea of Miss Marple’s modus operandi.

A mutual acquaintance introduces Miss Marple to a young engaged couple. The youngsters can marry only after they find the fortune that has been left them by a prank playing deceased relative.

At first the couple are sceptical when Miss Marple draws parallels between their relative and her old uncle. Later they are quite convinced when she helps them find their inheritance using her knowledge of old furniture, old adages and the nature of old folk.

Featured image courtesy Getty imageshttps://images.app.goo.gl/6YiTdzLNe4Az6ta26

4 thoughts on “A to Z Blogging Challenge 2021 — “J” — Strange Jest by Agatha Christie

  1. Now this one I’d NEVER heard of! Nor the rest of them (save ‘Greenshaw’s Folly” in the collected works “Miss Marple’s Final Cases”. Bravo Dr. Tanya…you’ve given me a fresh discovery to read from the magnificent Ms. Christie. WOO HOO!

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