A to Z Blogging Challenge — ” S ” — Sleeping Murder by Agatha Christie

This is another case of murder in retrospect and is solved by Miss Marple. It is the first book by Agatha Christie that I read. I was twelve years old and became a fan for life.

The story begins with newly wed Gwenda from New Zealand. She comes to England ahead of her husband Giles. Her plan is to find a house and do some settling in before her husband joins her.

She finds an old house in the town of Dilmouth and feels that it is what she has always wanted. There is a feeling of deja vu about the house. Gwenda has some so called hunches about the house which turn out to be right. This unnerves her and she goes to stay with some friends in London where Miss Marple is also a guest.

During a visit to the theatre , a piece of dialogue causes a macabre flashback. Memory of a strangled woman is triggered in her mind as seen by her three year old self through the banisters of her current house. Gwenda thinks she needs to see a psychiatrist but Miss Marple convinces her otherwise.

When Gwenda ‘s husband Giles arrives both husband and wife want to get to the bottom of the story despite Miss Marple ‘s warning to let sleeping murder lie. Since they are bent upon uncovering the truth she helps them unravel the mystery.

9 thoughts on “A to Z Blogging Challenge — ” S ” — Sleeping Murder by Agatha Christie

  1. I’ve seen both versions of this on the BBC channels I watch…one of them is the image you used with the lovely Julia McKenzie and the other with Geraldine McEwan (I believe). The book is equally fascinating! Great share Dr. Tanya!

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