bread basket

5 Things Tuesday — Favourite Bread Rolls

Bread is something I cannot live without — I don’t understand my no carb and keto friends. Rolls are bread carried to the next level. Today I share with you some of my favourite rolls:

Sesame & other seed rolls

bread seeds

When I order soup in a restaurant I am more interested in the accompanying bread basket. If the rolls are numerous, in various shapes and warm, my day is made. I love those with pumpkin, sunflower or other seeds, the “seedier” the better. White rolls shaped like a braid and covered with sesame seeds are especially yummy with soup.

sesame roll

Cinnamon Rolls

cinnamon rolls many

A cup of tea, cinnamon rolls and a good book. What more does one need in life?


Croissants have a delicate buttery texture that makes them perfect companions for tea and coffee.

croissants strawberry



Ahh ! Baguettes! They are the stuff submarine sandwiches are made of. Sliced, they are good for garlic bread and bruschetta.


pretzel baker grapic

The saltier, the bigger, the better, pretzels are such fun snack food. Technically, I don’t think they count as bread rolls but I love them so much I had to include them.

Those were my faves, now I would love to read about yours’.

All images courtesy Pixabay

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