5 Things Tuesday — Flat Breads

Today I will write about different varieties of my favourite flat bread : naan bread. Although my regional cuisine has lots of flatbreads like chapati , roti and paratha, there is nothing compared to naan. These are the kind I absolutely love:

Classic or Sesame Naan

These are incomparable fresh out of the oven or tandoor . I keep some in my deep freeze too so that I can halve them and pop them in the toaster. They are great with barbecue: tikka, kebab or chops and mint yoghurt / cumin yoghurt dip (raita). With a curry or gravy they are equally yummy. I can even enjoy them with my tea.

Mince or Potato Naan

These are made by baking a layer of curried mince or potato in the naan. The mince can be chicken, mutton or beef. Accompanied by salad and yoghurt, this kind of naan is a meal in itself.

Garlic & Herb Naan

These are similar to the classic naan but instead of sesame seeds they are sprinkled with a mixture of herbs and crushed garlic.

Cheese Naan

This is a bit of a fusion food since it is stuffed with cheddar cheese which is not indigenous to Pakistani cuisine. Given the popularity of pizza in our parts, it is no wonder that cheese naan is so popular.

Caramel or Nutella Naan

These too are fusion foods . The caramel naan is topped with caramel before baking. This makes the caramel crisp and crunchy and oh so delicious.

Although I am not a fan of Nutella, the Nutella naan is quite nice. It is made like the cheese naan with a stuffing of Nutella which is quite popular in Pakistan these days. Sweet naan was not a concept traditionally. However sweet varieties can be found on the menu of modern cafes and diners. Caramel and Nutella naan are great to

What are your favourite flatbreads? I would love to know.

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14 thoughts on “5 Things Tuesday — Flat Breads

  1. Here are my limited selections as Utah (in America) wasn’t very broad in their horizons regarding food until 2000. I’m sure there were options available, and I was fond of East Indian cuisine when I was in Salt Lake City, but mostly I was exposed to a very limited number of things like flatbreads. But I found a few. All delicious too! Thanks for the interesting look at your traditional foods!

    Five Flatbreads For Tuesday

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  2. Hello,
    Your choices sound delicious, truly. Sadly this week, too, I have nothing to contribute. But! Naan bread with Nutella….that sounds really good. I’ll be on the lookout for a recipe. Thanks so much for the inspiration!!


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