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Is the blogosphere a source of writing inspiration for you? How?


The blogosphere is a great source of writing inspiration for me :

WordPress Reader

The reader exposes me to lots of new facts and ideas. Sometimes just scrolling through it can give me new ideas.

Blogger Friends

I have made many good friends in the blogging world. I interact with them fairly regularly in their comments section as well as mine. This exchange of opinions can bring forth new ideas.

Bloggers who are also personal friends

I am very lucky in that a close friend of mine is also a blogger. She is very prolific and proficient in her posting. Whenever I tend to slack in my blogging she gives me a gentle nudge and I get going again.

Inspiring or thought provoking blog posts

I believe that the best kind of writing is that which provokes thought or action. Many a time I have come across a blog post that triggered a thought process which turned into a post of my own.

These were some of my thoughts. What about your views? I would love to know.

You can leave a reply in my comments section or create a post of your own on this topic. Please remember to use the tag #blogginginsights

13 thoughts on “Blogging Insights — Blogosphere Inspo

  1. Try as I might, I can’t quite seem to get a whole post out of this one, though I do have an answer. I do get inspiration from the blogosphere, if for no other reason, I participate with different writing prompts. It isn’t my only source of inspiration, though.

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