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Blogging Insights — Unusual Inspo


What are some unusual or out of the way sources of inspiration that get you writing?


I want to see how other people play it, but my take on this question is sources of inspiration that I would not have expected.

Waiting in the dentist’s or doctor’s office or at the bank etc are rather boring activities where I would expect my creativity to dry up. Funnily, this one of my most “inspirational” times and I can get a lot of writing done on my phone.

Sitting among a roomful of people I can manage to put my thoughts down. I have even been known to add a point to a post while standing in a queue.

What unusual places, things or events inspire you to write ? Do let me know in my comments section or in a post of your own. #blogginginsights,,

17 thoughts on “Blogging Insights — Unusual Inspo

  1. In order to accurately answer this question, I would first have to be able to answer what a regular or commonplace source of inspiration was. As it is, to me they are all mysterious and unusual. Even when responding to a prompt, it may provide the jumping-off point, but the actual content comes from who-knows-where.

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  2. Anywhere, anytime, anyhow is the usual – l can be in the shower, on the toilet, walking, gardening, washing the dishes, lying in bed at night, talking to myself, walking in town, looking out my window ………… ideas , observations and thoughts and opinions arise anyhoo 🙂

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