Blogging Insights — Reading Inspo

I was going to call today’s episode Book Inspo but soon remembered that many of you now read on electronic devices. This is the fourth and final part of the inspiration series.


Does what you read influence or inspire what you write?


I like to think that whatever I write is inspired by or is based on all that I have read in my entire life. This sounds like a very broad generalisation but I think it is true.

Growing up, I read or rather, consumed a lot of Enid Blyton. Later , she was replaced by Agatha Christie and many other authors. I also read lots of “classics” recommended by my parents and teachers .

I have never had a problem with spelling or sentence structure and this is due the amount and the type of my reading. The content of my writing is not directly inspired by what I am posting on my blog yet. I intend writing in my favourite genre : cozy mysteries, later.

How does what you read inspire your writing in general or in particular?

Do share it with us.

You can leave a reply in my comments section or write a whole post on the topic.

Just remember to tag it #blogginginsights

27 thoughts on “Blogging Insights — Reading Inspo

  1. Most of the time I look for inspiration in the news or articles on topics that I’m interested such as food, nutrition, healthy lifestyle…I am a fan and I do like to read a lot of fantasies, mystery thrillers, adventures…but I never used them as inspiration for my posts…

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  2. Here are my insights:

    It’s funny in a strange way that you mentioned ‘cozies’. Because that’s the genre I tend to gravitate to these days. There was a period of time just after my husband passed away, that I had a hard time reading anything at all. I couldn’t focus. Someone introduced me to the cozy and I’ve been a fan ever since. I’m on a great series right now which features a 60 year old who becomes a private detective. Blended with stories of the heroine’s cat, it’s a perfect time passer.

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    1. Cozies got me through a difficult time in my life too. I was juggling several tasks, working, raising my kids and pursuing a postgraduate degree.
      A cozy mystery and a cup of tea was and still is my idea of winding down.


  3. I am currently reading a lot of Topical content as opposed to creative fiction content and so whilst l am not directly inspired by the content generally, it will inspire and enthuse me to think very deeply on topics and then brainstorm those thoughts further and motivate a line of thought that will then materialise in a post. Mostly these appear as question posts.

    In the new blog there will be more driven content that will be the result of reading.

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