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Blogging Insights — Unusual Words


When you use a word/term that you think your readers might not know do you think you should add a link to it, or is it a better idea to let people find out on their own?


There are two parts to this question. The first assumes a lack of knowledge on the part of the reader. It would be truer to say that this particular term or idea new or unusual for the writer / blogger.

Again , is it presumptuous to think that if you don’t know a word or idea, your average reader will be ignorant of it too? In my opinion, there is a certain kind of audience that reads a particular kind of blog. If the term in question has not yet been used (or is rarely used) in this little community , it is fine to consider it “unusual “.

Moving on to the second part of today’s question , should you add a link? This is largely a matter of personal preference , which is why I want to discuss it with you.

Some people prefer to Google search things on their own and are content to let their readers do this too. Others, like me, love it when there is a link that takes me to a meaning or reference with zero effort.

To summarise, my opinion is that it is primarily a matter of personal choice. Your blog is your own little corner of the internet and you should feel free to post whatever and however you like.

I post these questions to further my knowledge and technique of blogging.

The answers are always a learning experience.

What do you think of today’s question?

I would love to know in my comments section or in your own post.

15 thoughts on “Blogging Insights — Unusual Words

  1. Describe the word in 30 to 50 words, so that readers get basic idea and intent of the word. Attach a ‘read more link’ to an authentic source.

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