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Blogging Insights — Level of Commitment


How committed are you to your blog?

What part,if any,do other bloggers play in your level of commitment?


How committed are you to your blog?

To be honest , my level of commitment keeps varying. When I first launched my blog, I was very committed. Although I posted only once a week in those early days, I spent a lot of time on videos and posts about blogging. Later, I became very busy with family stuff so my level of commitment decreased in proportion. There is one aspect that keeps me on my toes : the two writing prompts that I host.

What part,if any,do other bloggers play in your level of commitment?

All the bloggers who participate in my two prompts, Blogging Insights and 5Things Tuesday, play a huge role in my motivation for posting these prompts every week. In particular, blogger Sadje has been directly responsible for keeping me motivated.

Sadje manages to read and comment on all my work. Being far more tech savvy than I , she helps me when I get stuck with a computer problem.

I usually schedule Blogging Insights ahead of time so it appears come rain or shine. Once I wrote a Blogging Insights post but forgot to schedule it. Sadje , my friend in the real as well as virtual world rang me to ask if everything was okay since Blogging Insights had not appeared that Monday.

What is your level of commitment?

Do let me know in my comments section or in your own post on the topic.

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16 thoughts on “Blogging Insights — Level of Commitment

  1. I have been blogging for nearly four years now and l am very committed to my blog/s, blogging and my writing and my friends here. i have cut back enormously on the quantity of published content that l now produce but that is to focus on producing more quality content.

    I produce content 7 days a week and l am always looking to be creative for new ideas. I read blogs nightly, alright at times l can be behind, but l still read every night the blogs of those that l follow and class as my friends.


  2. I would say that I’m fairly committed, though my schedule has made keeping up with it a bit of a chore, of late. As far as the role that other bloggers play, I’d say it’s fairly substantial, as I don’t know that I would soldier on as diligently as I do if it weren’t for my audience. I still write what I want, but knowing that there are those out there reading what I write makes it easier to keep it up.

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