Seven things to do when you don’t feel like getting out of bed.

Sometime or the other, like me, you must have woken up feeling how nice it would be if you didn’t have to get out of bed. If you have never had a morning when you didm’t feel like getting out of bed, then my friend you are not an average human being. There are so many days when you feel like hiding under the covers

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Staying in bed all morning isn’t an option for most people and even if it were it is not good for you. There are days when you wake up full of energy and enthusiasm. You can get the utmost use out of such days by clicking here. However, on days when you don’t feel like getting out of bed, you are more in need of ideas. Here are a few tips that I have found helpful:

1. Take a Shower

A shower and a complete change of clothes changes your perspective. It gets you moving, makes you feel good about yourself and gets you ready to do whatever you want. Now the day stretching ahead will seem less daunting.

If you can afford the time, treat yourself to a leisurely soak. Use bath salts, bubble bath, light an aroma therapy candle, and put on some music. If you need to rush out like us lesser mortals, a shower gel or body scrub with a refreshing and invigorating fragrance will do the trick.

2. A Walk in the Park

An early walk in the park is such a great idea. The physical activity gets your endorphins (feel good body chemicals) going. The trees, flowers and birds have an energizing effect on your mind.

detrimental lifestyle backpacker trail

If you don’t live near a park, no problem. Fill your garden, patio, terrace or balcony with lots of plants and do some stretches or aerobics there.

You don’t have any greenery, not even a balcony with a few potted plants? Don’t despair; you can still use this tip. Just find a video with the outdoors, turn it on and get on your treadmill or exercise bike. It will be just as good as a walk in the park.

3. Grab a Banana

Bananas contain serotonin, which makes them great natural mood elevators. They are roughly a hundred calories only. They give you healthy sugar so that you get the energy boost to lift your carcass out of bed.


Packed with soluble fibre, vitamins and minerals, bananas are a great choice at any time of the day. Beginning the day with something that is so good for you, yet is so yummy is a great idea. Being individually pre-packaged by Mother Nature, bananas are a highly portable snack if you are running late and need breakfast on the go.

4. Touch base with a friend

No matter how lousy or lazy you are feeling it’s not too difficult to grab your phone and reach out to a friend. You don’t even need to make a call. A text or WhatsApp message will do the trick. Even exchanging a joke or funny picture helps. It’s just the feeling of being in touch with a friend that can give you the incentive to get up and go.

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But the friend has to be a really good one. The kind of friend you can laugh with, cry with, jump for joy with; you get the picture.

5. Schedule some “Me time”

Sometimes you feel so overwhelmed by the idea of a busy day ahead that you feel like hiding under the covers; like the ostrich buries its head in the sand.

Work, family responsibilities, social commitments: you sometimes pack your day with too much.

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Scheduling some me time into your action packed day gives you something to look forward to. One of my favourite “me time” activities is sitting in the garden with a cup of tea and a favourite novel, a friend of mine likes to go to a spa; whatever works for you.

6. Get more Stimulation

This one is aimed particularly at retirees and empty nesters.

When you are rushing to meet work deadlines, do the school run and get the groceries you often fantasize about retirement. You dream of that magical phase in your life when your time will be your own.

But when this time actually comes around you may not know what to do with it. You might feel that there is no reason for getting out of bed.

A good idea to avoid this kind of ennui is to give yourself a challenge. Do something you have never done before. Learn a new language, a musical instrument or offer your skills to a charity.

While it is unhealthy to overload, not getting enough stimulation can be detrimental too.

6. Ensure enough sleep

A major reason why you may not feel like getting out of bed may be that you are not getting enough sleep. You may be so busy that your hours of shut eye are not enough. Or you may not be practising what is popularly called “sleep hygeine”– this is just a fancy way of saying that your surroundings are not conducive to proper rest.

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It is a good idea to turn off devices and abstain from caffeine a couple of hours before going to bed . Your bedroom should have a comfortable temperature. Your bed and pillow should be appropriate. In short, your night’s rest should be sufficient for you to get up refreshed and energised.

koala sleeping


If you are really ill, as in “running a fever-ill” or you have a bad “flu, forget the above list.

Stay in bed and call your mom.

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12 thoughts on “Seven things to do when you don’t feel like getting out of bed.

  1. Thank you for your tips!!! I stayed in bed for two weeks from flu so ….. i can understand how lucky we are when we have our health to do all the others you have written!!!!


    1. Join the club: I have been suffering from repeated bouts of flu since November.
      So I understand how you feel.
      I even wrote a post about my cough
      Thank God blogging is an activity that can even be done in bed.
      Hope you feel better soon.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Great tips Tanya. I usually get out of bed with no issues. Only when I’m not feeling well that I have lethargy and waste time in the bed.


  3. I could have used this list yesterday when I could NOT get going whatever I tried. I only logged in to my computer long enough to write and schedule today’s SYW and then I turned everything off and just did word puzzles and read for most of the day. We all need a little down time now and then. Great tips, and did you know that bananas, besides providing all those wonderful benefits you listed, are a natural constipator? If you get caught short somewhere it’s not convenient to keep running to the bathroom every five seconds, drinking a lot of water and eating a banana (or two) will stop the flow so to speak. My sibling turned me on to that trick, because it happened to him when he was on a long flight somewhere. He grabbed a banana and felt better in about ten minutes. Bananas are great!



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